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Google Chrome Full and Stable release version

logo   Google chrome is a web browser created by Google designed for stability, speed and security. It’s minimalistic design makes it very different from other web browsers when it was launched last September 2008.

The multi-process architecture makes each tabs in separate process and isolated. Google chrome team periodically updates its code having 17 to 18 stable version releases in just three to four years.

How to download and install the full version for offline installation

Look at the latest version e.g. 18.0.1025.162 of the software and get the third and fourth group as highlighted.

Now, you can have the direct download links.

Cool!? Enjoy!

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

If you became part of the group of people who downloaded the initial version, you’ll not forget the cool explanation through the comic book that Google made for easy understanding of it’s design.





Great?! Thanks for reading!

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