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64/32-Bit Version of WinGuggle Released


The new version of WinGuggle now supports 64 bit version of Windows. Aside from getting the product key in Windows XP/Vista/7 64-Bit version, there is a new feature to generate a detailed System Summary and OEM Logo Browser that instantly loads bitmaps that you can use in Manufacturers Information.

Main Features of the program as a Product Key Recovery tool

  • Instant display of your Windows and Office product keys
    small download size
    No anti-virus warning when starting program


The Freeware application now provides System Summary loads lots of information that is very useful if you want to check the computer information when buying a new one and before upgrading to the newest version of Windows.

System Information Profiler

The tool gathers data for the following items:

  • Operating System name and version

  • Computer Name

  • Original Equipment Manufacture System Information (manufacturer, model, and type)

  • Processor, BIOS Version/Date and SMBIOS Version

  • Windows and System Directory

  • Boot Device

  • Hardware Abstraction Layer or OS version

  • User name

  • Time Zone

  • The amount of memory and system resources

  • Page File Path

  • Storage Drives including the Logical ones

  • List of audio and video driver location and information

  • Network adapter and protocol information

  • Video card information, monitor, name and manufacturer

  • Sound devices, audio information, manufacturer, version

  • audio and video codec

  • Winsock version and path

  • and many more

All you need to do is to run the program and refresh to get the latest system information.


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Anonymous said...

Love using WinGuggle. Tell us how to use the OEM.INI file please.


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