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Thank you for downloading an Application created using RegDevelop.

RegDevelop is a Rapid Application Development Tool in which all users can create their own applications that can be edited, shared and updated. Read more here


  • It is advisable to create a Restore point first when you are asked by the program or you can manually create by pressing F2.
  • Make sure that the program created by the tool came from a verified and legitimate sources only and a Website with documentations about the created application.
  • IF THE PROGRAM IS NOT LISTED BELOW, Please ask the publisher to send the program to me for checking purposes. It’s your choice if you are going to use the program or not.
  • If the program is listed below, It is Recommended to Re-download from this website.
  • To Restore All Settings that was detected to Default except Push Buttons, Press F10.
  • (Power Users) If you have some background on the Registry editing, DOS commands and other tools. You can check and update the Settings by switching to IDE Mode. Simply press F12.
  • You can also check in my list of softwares created using RegDevelop.


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