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Unlocking AVG Free Anti-Virus

AVG Due to it's simple interface, good reliable detection capability and consumes less resources; AVG Anti-virus is one of the famous Free Anti-Virus up to date. It is available for free to home users but not for business or commercial purposes.

The Great thing about AVG is that it provides maximum protection because of frequent updates while maintaining its simplicity and effectiveness.


But for my observations in Windows Vista and XP. Everyday checking of updates even when offline is annoying...


Anyway, That's what we must accept. Just like UAC in Windows Vista, to have a great protection against Rootkits, viruses and worms.

Annoyance means better protection and learning.

Resident Shield: AVG Real-time in action

While searching exe files from my old archives:


AVG Resident Shield alerted me about a Trojan virus.


Access file is infected: Threat is detected!


Why Windows 7/Vista Firewall + UAC + AVG is enough?

The Free version: Safe Search feature, Maximum Protection against Virus and Spyware

AVG Internet Security: AVG FREE plus

  • Anti-Rootkit >>> Vista UAC nails any rootkits and worms even the undetected ones.
  • Firewall >>> Vista Firewall performs excellent
  • Safe Downloads >>> IE7 & 8 Protected Mode
  • Safe Surf >>> If Vista UAC is ON, IE Protected mode is ON

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

Installing the Free AVG Anti-Virus

I will recommend that after installation of the program you must Reboot your computer.

Or else you'll get this annoying message in Security Center.



Download AVG Free Anti-Virus Now

Note: This is not a paid review.



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