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Legal, or Pirated Software?

According to Business Software Alliance, Software Piracy is the unauthorized copying of distribution  of copyrighted software because when you purchase software you are actually purchasing a license to use, not the actual software. If you make more copies of the software beyond the license agreement or permits, you are pirating.

2007 Business Software Alliance Reports

Asia Pacific 59%
Central / Eastern Europe 68%
Latin America 65%
Middle East / Africa 60%
North America 21%
Western Europe 33%
European Union 35%

Due to small purchasing power of the people in developing countries like China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines, most businesses go for pirated software to save cost.

The Truth: giving away free software is a very difficult decision for small start-ups.

For example, my Software WinBubble and WinGuggle. It doesn't earn much because it's free.

Solutions that can fuel Free Software: Sponsorship and Advertisements

Fortunately, Our Friends from Free Software Foundation and Open Source Initiative have come up with software whose performance is acceptable with there counterparts.

Paid Product Free Software
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista Ubuntu Linux
AutoDesk AutoCad QCad Community Edition
Adobe Professional GIMP
Microsoft Office OpenOffice

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Peter J said...

I find it interesting that the major publishers such as Micro$oft AND Business Software Alliance, (who should practice more honesty lest they lose Moral Authority...) continue to misrepresent the Law, (at least as it is in the US).

Many lawsuits ajudicated here in the United States have always found that regardless of any statements or prohibitions in the licence agreement, you may make as many archival copies for your own use as you deem necessary to protect your investment in that licence.

There was a point approximately 10 years ago when the software police were chasing down every backup copy and suing the backup maker, including the companies that produced, published and distributed the backup software.

My company was one of a group those litigated against, and our group was one that fought back. We won.

When the settlement came down, we never realized that these companies would continue to use propaganda to strike fear in Users when the legal system closed off direct litigation.


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