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WinGuggle: Backup your Product/License Key (CD-Key), Customize User and OEM Information easily

When you bought a new laptop especially for HP Compaq computers. The original installation CD is not included. This is also true on some second hand laptops of DELL, FUJITSU, IBM Thinkpad (Lenovo), ASUS, ACER and others.

Laptop/PC Recommendation:

Consider buying a laptop in which installation disc of Operating System, Software's and Drivers are included. If the disc is not included, Try to request from your Laptop Manufacturer.

If you can't do anything about it. Get the Product Key using WinGuggle for future use. Download WinGuggle here via UnlockForUs


If your laptop crashes, full of virus and very slow. You need to re-install windows. That is when WinGuggle become useful.

Second Hand Laptops

When you bought a Second Hand Laptop and you want to change the User and Original Equipment Manufacturer information (Owner and Organization). WinGuggle is extremely useful. Great for Windows XP and Vista Users!



Great thing with WinGuggle, there's a link on How to customize the user and OEM information Manually.



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