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Unlocking Comodo Firewall in Windows Vista


The Free Comodo Firewall Pro is an Enterprise level Firewall security that secure your system against Internet attacks such as Trojan viruses and malicious programs, identity theft and offers host intrusion prevention which stops spywares and viruses from being installed (Same as UAC and Protected mode in Windows Vista). Both Internal and external protection from attacks are given for FREE. 

Comodo Firewall = UAC + Protected Mode + Windows Firewall + Semi-Antivirus, Semi Anti-Rootkit and Semi Anti-Spyware Style Detection 

But one thing I have noticed after using the firewall for a while, It is the most annoying firewall and protection that I encountered several times more than the UAC of Windows Vista. Also, due to advance detection capabilities, It blocks certain modules and functions that upon installation, sometimes after that,  the software doesn't function or work properly.

For Beginners and Intermediate users, I recommend to install your IMPORTANT or TRUSTED programs first before installing this software. It's performance is at its best but it's very difficult to use and you need to confirm everything.

I tried to experiment the firewall with my software's WinBubble, WinGuggle and Winflog Extreme. WinBubble 1.74 and WinGuggle is a registry based programs and did not gave any alarm at all. It means, it doesn't monitor the settings made in the registry. WinFlog Extreme add-on winflog.exe gave a general alarm. As the creator of the program, I will say that it gave a false alarm. I know the code and specifically, it only checks the mouse clicking, anymore than that, nothing.

For programmers, intermediate and advanced users this firewall is  amazing and recommended. It monitors everything including a simple command dialog controls (Open, Save, Browse and many more...)

Solution to the annoying pop-ups

Great Thing: After A day of use, Comodo Firewall Learns by itself...


This feature allows Comodo Firewall Pro to create a logs of all applications on a new computer and after several hours of use, a less annoying Security Defense Mechanism that is great while writing blogs and Software everyday.

Recommended Settings (Default)

Firewall Security Level: Safe Mode

Defense+Security Level: Clean PC Mode


Everything for FREE!

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For Complete Installation Guide... It will be published soon...



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