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WinBubbles-Lite Around the *Web* and approved and helped me spread the news! Wow! It was fast!

wow ShellCity.Net bombarded the website for a day. thank you so much!!!!

I would like to thank for sharing my apps. I’m sorry I’ve just noticed your help. Thank you very much!

I would like to thank for sharing my software(s). Thank you very much!!!

Cool! Featured my Software(s). Nice Box!


Anyway, there’s a little error. WinBubbles-Lite 2009 was designed for Windows 7 (also works with Vista). Not in XP! although few of those tweaks also works in XP.

Maybe If you didn’t put a nice box. I will not write your website here :D Thanks anyway.

For others, Copy and Paste will not work. Do some effort!

I would like to thank again for giving 100%-Clean certification about the software.

Again, I'm proud that my software(s) are listed at Thank you very much!!!

Editor’s Pick - After several hours, WinBubbles-lite was chosen and Featured by

These two companies always inspired me to do more quality apps. Again, Thank you very much!!!

Even if I was bombarded my negative and positive comments and suggestions after I Introduce the ideas behind the capabilities of RegDevelop. It helps me a lot to find the targeted users and makes my software more safe and forces me to create a standard.

Thanks to…,, and for the manipulation of Resolution suggestion by

To all the communities around and Bloggers. Please help me share the news.

Wow again helps me share my utility. “a free tweaking program for Windows Vista, has now released a new lite 2009 version which supports Windows 7

Though I forget your comment last year on WinBubble.

WinBubble is a must have utility for all Vista tweakers.”

No way! Thanks :) wrote a quick information about WinBubbles-Lite and RegDevelop. Thank you very much! is the first non-english website that publishes the news. Thank You! (courtesy of Google Translator) said:

“If you like to enhance the user experience of your Windows, then use this tool to change, add, customize and restrict. Seja criativo. Be creative.” Thank you!!!

Thanks also to whoismadhur for sharing WinBubbles-Lite 2009 last week! Great!



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