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In this page, We will tackle all the suggestions made by Editors and Users that might help me create a standard in my utilities.

I may have been late to read the article by but for sure, It was a good and complete article. Thank you Mr Eric Vaughan! Thomas said “Just an FYI for those running Vista 64-bit, Winbubbles does not support x64. The author sadly has no plans or timeline on a x64 version.” Well, some and most of the features works in 64-Bit Version of Windows Vista… Anyway, don’t worry. If I have a time. I’m going to test and give the detailed results. Thank you very much!

Recently, Mr. George of gave a good and fair review regarding WinBubble:


GUI and Concept

“Everything fits and aligns great. Eight tabs group the different areas for tweaking, from General via Security and IE to Tips and Tricks. I especially liked the icon tab where you can set individual icons for e.g. Desktop, Control Panel and such. To list all the many settings here would take too long. Just give it a try and you will see.”

Already in my plans

“A little drawback is that WinBubble cannot save your settings as a backup so you would be able to restore the initial status before you go tweaking. There is a "Restore Defaults" option available but it is not clear what that "default" is.”

The next version of WinBubbles will automatically scan the default settings in each computer where WinBubbles will be opened or saved like the New WinBubbles-Lite 2009 which was released last May 8, 2009. The design was already planned last year. However the last updated version of WinBubble was released last year Sep 20, 2008. After that I did not release new updates for WinBubble.

The Restore to Default settings was designed to set the default configuration of your computer when it is newly installed regardless of the settings in the computer. The New WinBubbles-Lite 2009 will restore the settings that was detected after opening the program for the first time. Well, The incoming version of WinBubble that will be release soon will have both option.

“Installing WinBubble requires some manual file copying and shortcut creation. It does not come with an installation routine.”

Your correct. I don’t know if it will be included in the next version. WinBubbles was designed to be a portable application and you are not using WinBubble everyday. That’s my reason. However, It depends, I will consider or think about it.

CNET REVIEW “A multitude of Vista tweaks”

January 6, 2009

“The options for customizing your Vista settings are endless with this free utility” - CNET

WinBubble was designed to be a Customization program and a Tweaker from Beginners to Advance. You can create your own tweaks, customize the program itself or put anything inside the application but in your computer only.

WinBubbles-Lite 2009 will break that rule. You can make your own thing and share it to world.

“It lacks password-protection and a useful Help feature.”

Your correct about the password thing. Even if It was designed for Administrators but I think password protection is needed also. Thank you very much. This is a unique suggestion.

About the useful Help feature, all the Help Documents, examples and different ways of using the program is located in the website because again, WinBubble is given for FREE. In this way, users will help me maintain the utility itself.

If there’s a new review regarding Winbubble. I’m going to include here. So, Please Stay tuned!



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