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Download WinBubble, Customize and Tweak Windows Vista Easily

In just two clicks, WinBubble will help you to Customize and Tweak your Windows Vista easily. Its features cover Customization, Security and Optimization.


WinBubble is the best free TweakUI replacement - Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets Newsletter

My favorite Vista tweaker is a very unassuming, free little program from Lawrence Albert called WinBubble… it sure beats the daylights out of editing the Registry by hand. And the results will perk up your day. Guaranteed.”  - Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets Newsletter, 7 Feb 2008,

Supersite Software Pick of the Week

"If you're looking for a TweakUI replacement for Windows Vista, there are several contenders, but the one that's closest in spirit and functionality is, I believe, WinBubble, a freeware application by Lawrence Albert" - Paul Thurrott,, May 11, 2008

Awards and Recognitions:

* Editor's Pick
* Editor's Pick

*Softpedia 5/5 Software Pick! and 100% Clean Award
*5-Stars Choice Logo 

*Listed: Best Free Software at
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* 5-Stars award and 100% Clean Award 
*Soft82 5 stars Award and 100% Clean Certification
*CFS 5 Doves Award

Breaking News:

Recently,, added and published a Review regarding WinBubble. Wow! It inspired me to code more!

"it's hard to find something that this remarkable tweaking program can't do. Whether you're a dedicated Vista tweaker, or just getting started, there's something here for you."


Download WinBubble



What's New on WinBubble 1.74

*"Set the Ownership to Current User Only" to Folders Right-Click/Context Menu
* "Safely Remove Hardware" in Computer Icon Right-Click/Context Menu
* The Ultimate Tweaking Toolbox Update
* Cleaning of unwanted Internet Explorer Context Menu was added 
* Anti-Bug feature was updated 
* File Download Window - Reset
* Automatic Back-up of OEM Information was updated

Notes Before Taking the Ownership of File and Folder 

What's new on WinBubble 1.73?

* "Restore All Settings to Default" Button
* "Create a Restore Point" Context Menu option (Right-Click Menu)
* "Device Manager" Context Menu option (Right-Click Menu)
* Taking the Ownership of File and Folder options 
* Help Links was added
* Anti-Bug feature was updated
* Automatic Back-up of OEM Information was added

What's new on WinBubble 1.72?

*Enable/Disable Multiple Monitor Configuration was updated
*Search Button Restoration was removed
*Help Links was added
*Icon Customization was updated
*Anti-Bug feature was added

Winbubble 1.71:

*Enable/Disable Start Menu Search option in Windows Vista SP1

*Compiled and Tested on Windows Vista Service Pack 1

After installation of Windows Vista SP1, tons of users and friends ask a question in bringing back the Search tool. This is it! I Unlock This First!

Winbubble 1.70

* "My Tweaker Tool", Create your own Tweaker
* Add/Edit/Delete DVD/CD drive Names/Labels
* Firefox support was added 
* Disable IE connection Settings
* Disable Changing the Homepage settings
* Delete specific IE URL history
* Auto-detect of new versions.
* Fixed: Newly installed Windows Vista OS bug message
* Anti-registry setting theft was updated

WinBubble version 1.65:

Your Wish is my command!!! Winbubble 1.65 is based on USER REQUEST and SUGGESTIONS...

* Winbubble 1.0-1.5 registry setting for the program will be deleted automatically
* "Alt-A" was added for applying customization and tweak
* Disallow Flp3d and Changing wallpapers (AS REQUESTED), Disable Internet access, Remove "Map/Disconnect Network Drive" in  Computers Context Menu
* More Context Menu Customization (Desktop, Windows Explorer: all files, folder and drives) - as requested
* Disabling Windows Sidebar and Failed DNS Caching was transferred to Optimizations Tab
* FIX: "I can't see the Apply Button", Some of the users had change the font, virtually it will affect all programs including WinBubble.


WinBubble version 1.6:

*WinFlog option was added
*"Open with notepad" context menu was added
*Aurora screensaver was added
*Downloads Folder Icon customization was added
*Changing IE Download Directory
*Increase NTFS Performance
*Added more Tool buttons (System File Check, Reset Folder views, Clear DNS Cache, Hide/Show your comp, Winflog Control Panel)
*Tools button Customizations (Create your own toolbox!)
*Context Menu Customization Tool (Computer, Desktop/Explorer, Start Menu and Network icon)
*Miscellaneous tweaks (Enable Password protect of screensavers, Disable Low disk space checks, Balloon tips, Mobility Center, Windows Sidebar, Disable Failed DNS caching, taskbar thumbnails and Win+Letter Keys)

WinBubble version 1.5:
Icon Customizations, Change your Windows Vista Icons easily
*Hard Disk Drive(s) Icon
Documents, Pictures, Favorites, Music, Videos and Contacts Icon Customization and restoration
Computer, Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, Recycle bin Icon
*Change your Open Folder Icon - now, it's easy to search and navigate your Windows Explorer and Registry

Security Tab
Disable Writing to USB Drive
Disable USB Drive/Storage

Optimize tab
Decrease Shutdown Time for Services
Do not Clear Pagefile at Shutdown
Increase the bandwidth for network and internet connections

IE Tools
Delete All History button
History, Cookies, Temp IE files, Form Data, Password only buttons

General Tab
OEM Info button was added

Specific Tab
Disable Hibernation button
System Information button
Show the Drive letter first in Windows Explorer
Remove the Drive Letters

The icons shown above came from - lots of cool Free Vista Icons.


Windows Customizations

IE Customizations





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